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Check out our unique Sunday School for neurodiverse children!

Explore Jewish topics and learn Hebrew through multisensory experiences. Each student is paired 1-on-1 with a trained teen mentor. Our experienced staff offers students learning in ways that meet their individual needs and learning styles. 

Every child deserves a Jewish education!

We offer various workshops for educators and consultation with senior staff to share our model and pedagogy with your communities. Infuse intentional Jewish learning into your emergent curriculum; Merge play and multisensory experiences into your Judaics.

Utilize our professional development to weave in our play-based approach. Help us strengthen one another.

onnect with Judaism through food, crafts, movement, Hebrew words, games, and more! All families are welcome, regardless of learning style, age or experience. Join us for exciting PopUp Playtimes or  Dress up like an Israeli soldier, set a Shabbat table in Bubbe’s kitchen, build Israel on our interactive wall, create a ritual object with loose parts, and more!

Climb aboard to explore Jewish culture and discover Jewish themes using loose parts play and open-ended crafts outside!  bring our mobile museum to your school;

We love our teen volunteers and you’ll love the experience and the service hours!

-Become a 1-on-1 teen mentor for our Sunday School

-Volunteer with families at our PopUp Playtimes

-Work with us for your B'nai Mitzvah project

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