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Hands-on Experiences at the Heart of Jewish Exploration


Mission & Vision

LEV Children's Museum creatively engages all children and their grownups in multi-sensory, hands-on experiences exploring Jewish culture and values, thus facilitating connections with Jewish community.

Children, and their grownups, find meaning and delight in exploring their Jewish Identities through play and filling their Jewish journeys with pride and intention, regardless of age, learning style or experience with Judaism.

How We Do It

Putting Judaism into the hands and hearts of children.


LEV offers meaningful, play-based interactions with Judaism through components that embrace tradition, values, community and culture - Sunday School, a Museum on Wheels and Professional Development.

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Play and Learning
Go Hand-in Hand

  • Engage families in hands-on Jewish experiences

  • Instill a love of learning in children

  • Build positive memories

  • Create pathways for every child to connect to Judaism

  • Partner with institutions and families alike

  • Facilitate shared Jewish experiences for families

  • Foster a sense of community

  • Infuse creativity into Jewish learning

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